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  1ceblock App

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PostSubject: 1ceblock App   Wed May 30, 2012 12:49 am

- My Application -

<Indicate if you are applying for MIT or SOP Member>

1.) What is your current Runescape Display name?


2.) What timezone/country are you from?


3.) What are your current Runescape stats?

4.) Do you have any clanning experience? [If so what?] (Name all clans that you have been in)

Corrupt Pures:iYoRis -I was CP during there slump i left due to making that account a tanker
Exiled Forces-1ceblock-I left due to EF ranks went Inactive so i took a break from runescape

5.) How did you find out about SOP?

You guys killed me in w57 couple of times

6.) Do you know any SOP Members? If so, Who?

<sop saladin>

7.) TeamSpeak is a REQUIREMENT to join. Confirm you have TS3.

<insert image here>

8.) SOP has many events. Please post picture of your gear and inventory you would bring to the following trips:


F2P Miniwar:

<Rc Robes >

P2P Trip [not essential]:

<p2p is ending next week or week after>

9.) What do the following terms mean?

Spread: <When everyone stops following and Spreads :L>

Pile: <Everyone on same person>

Pushing: <Run into there group with scims making there push back>

Hugging: <Running around Trees/corp >

Tanking: <Spam clicking pizza>

Returning: <returning back to war through canoe/waka >

10.) We like referrals, please post your referrals here:

Referral 1: <SoP Saladin>

Referral 2: <insert answer here>

Referral 3: <insert answer here>

11.) Throughout your application process you must attend at least one training session, please post your a picture proving you were at a session:

<insert image here>

12.) Please state that you have read the clan rules:

Yes ive read them
13.) Please state that you have SWIFTKIT IRC:

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SOP Owner

Posts : 78
Join date : 2012-04-16

PostSubject: Re: 1ceblock App   Wed May 30, 2012 12:49 am

Nice pics, nice stats.. Accepted Smile

Congrats you have been accepted as an SOP Member! You need to be sure that you are online for the trips Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday 4:30 eastern, 9:30 gmt! Please be sure you attend a training session so that you can learn tactics and better things to bring on the trip!
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1ceblock App
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