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 SOP in my Eyes (Important)

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PostSubject: SOP in my Eyes (Important)   Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:05 am

I have came back from my slump. I am truly sorry for leaving you guys. I have came back stronger than ever trying to make Sop better. Me and I Bro I3 have been trying to make Ts3 a home for you guys trying to please you guys. Making a ts3 banner using a music bot. All that we ask you is to appear on the Saturday pk trip and listen. We have grown so much as a whole. We have had lost many and gained many. My point is that we have to be more active on the forums. Our forums get .3 ppd (posts per day)
That is horrible. We need to become more active; to do this I have thought of look at all the work Sith and Snorki have done for you. But you cant take 5 seconds out of your life to check the website and comment once. It sickens me. Lets take this 2 months ago we got 3 ppd which is a lot either but it is way better than .3 posts per day. We have 5 more weeks until this update to show others what we are. I want these next 5 weeks to be our best.

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SOP in my Eyes (Important)
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