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PostSubject: SOP K4rljr   SOP K4rljr EmptyWed Apr 25, 2012 5:32 pm

- My Application - lol! lol!

<applying for SOP>

1.) What is your current Runescape Display name?

<S0P k4rljr>

2.) What timezone/country are you from?

<idk but u do>

3.) What are your current Runescape stats? [picture required]

40 attack 2 def 97 range 88 str 44 pray 88 magic 84 hp

4.) Do you have any clanning experience? [If so what?] (Name all clans that you have been in)

<sl, sl elite, select, s0p>

5.) How did you find out about SOP?


6.) Do you know any SOP Members? If so, Who?

<everyone from old clan>

7.) TeamSpeak is a REQUIREMENT to join. Confirm you have TS3.

<i have vent but will get ts3 with some assistance>

8.) SOP has many events. Please post picture of your gear and inventory you would bring to the following trips:


<clan uni, runes for bind/tbz, rune scim, bow and arrows and a power ammy, str pot>

F2P Miniwar:

<clan uni, binds, rune scim bow and arrows str pot and power ammy>

P2P Trip [not essential]:

<insert image here>

9.) What do the following terms mean?

Spread: <every player falls out of fall in. players not standing on one another>

Pile: <a big loot on the ground. lol nah when every player attack a enimy that has been called >

Pushing: <forcing into the enemy>

Hugging: <what u do when some one is sad. o and when u get close to and oblect and run around it to excape death>

Tanking: <eating like a fat fuck to avoid hp droping to death>

Returning: <comeing right back to the battle even if its your whole bank>

10.) We like referrals, please post your referrals here:

Referral 1: <insert answer here>

Referral 2: <insert answer here>

Referral 3: <insert answer here>

11.) Throughout your application process you must attend at least one training session, please post your a picture proving you were at a session:

<insert image here>

12.) Please state that you have read the clan rules:

<i have read the rules>

13.) Please state that you have SWIFTKIT IRC:

<yes sir i do >

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SOP Owner

Posts : 78
Join date : 2012-04-16

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PostSubject: Re: SOP K4rljr   SOP K4rljr EmptyThu Apr 26, 2012 1:35 am

You have been accepted into SOP, I looked up your stats, and you have been with us for a long time, I know you know what to do and what to bring, Please post pictures within a week, if you need help let me know.

---Accepted as SOP Member---
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SOP K4rljr
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