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PostSubject: SL Gavvar APP   SL Gavvar APP EmptySat Apr 28, 2012 2:49 am

Please copy and paste this, with your answers on your application:

- My Application -

<Indicate if you are applying for MIT or SOP Member>

1.) What is your current Runescape Display name?

SL Gevaar

2.) What timezone/country are you from?


3.) What are your current Runescape stats? [picture required]

<insert image here SL Gavvar APP Poepse11 (ACC IS 11 DAYS OLD)

4.) Do you have any clanning experience? [If so what?] (Name all clans that you have been in)

i've been in EP

5.) How did you find out about SOP?

I was pking in w57

6.) Do you know any SOP Members? If so, Who?

not in real life but i know some of them from ventrilo.

7.) TeamSpeak is a REQUIREMENT to join. Confirm you have TS3.

i download it when sl solo has an server on it

8.) SOP has many events. Please post picture of your gear and inventory you would bring to the following trips:

SL Gavvar APP Easter10

F2P Miniwar:
SL Gavvar APP Supris10

P2P Trip [not essential]:

<insert image here> SL Gavvar APP Trolo10

9.) What do the following terms mean?

Spread: that you have to spread

Pile: attack one guy

Pushing: attack them with pressure and scim's out

Hugging: Stay near some objects

Tanking: eat so fast as possible

Returning: after you died coming back to the fight as fast as possible

10.) We like referrals, please post your referrals here:

Referral 1: FLEE ITS SOP

Referral 2: SL XERXES
Referral 3: we do k0

11.) Throughout your application process you must attend at least one training session, please post your a picture proving you were at a session:


12.) Please state that you have read the clan rules:

<insert answer here> YES

13.) Please state that you have SWIFTKIT IRC:

<insert answer here> YES

- SL Gevaar
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SOP Owner

Posts : 78
Join date : 2012-04-16

SL Gavvar APP Empty
PostSubject: Re: SL Gavvar APP   SL Gavvar APP EmptySat Apr 28, 2012 2:53 am

Finish woodcutting, and get strength up when you can, welcome as a member in training! Smile

Congrats you have been accepted as a MIT! You need to be sure that you are online for the trips Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday 4:30 eastern, 9:30 gmt! Please be sure you attend a training session so that you can learn tactics and better things to bring on the trip!
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SL Gavvar APP
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