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PostSubject: Rascalzz App   Rascalzz App EmptyWed May 02, 2012 2:27 am

- SL Rascalz -
(can’t take screenies sorry)
<SOP Member >

1.) What is your current Runescape Display name?

SL Rascalz

2.) What timezone/country are you from?


3.) What are your current Runescape stats? [picture required]

Magic - 86
Range - 86
Strength - 77
Attack - 60
Constitution – 77
Prayer - 44

4.) Do you have any clanning experience? [If so what?] (Name all clans that you have been in)

SL Elites

5.) How did you find out about SOP?

I have been in the previous clans that is now known as SOP

6.) Do you know any SOP Members? If so, Who?

All of them

7.) TeamSpeak is a REQUIREMENT to join. Confirm you have TS3.

I have Ventrillo, I can download TS3 whenever.

8.) SOP has many events. Please post picture of your gear and inventory you would bring to the following trips:

I bring the following equipment unless told otherwise.
Ranging gear (Maple bow, arrows, power amulet)
Strength gear (Rune scim and strength pot)
Magic (Binds 20each)

F2p miniwar:
Binds, Swordfish and pizza, rune scim, maple bow, addy arrows, green vambs and uniform

Melle ( DDs, Super str, Super attack, combat bracelet)
Prayer potions, amulet of glory, ring of recoil, sharks
Ranging gear (Rune cross bow – Dragon bolts (e), ranging potions, black chaps)

9.) What do the following terms mean?

Spread: Group spreads out ( stops following leader)

Pile: Pile a person(s) the leader has called out.

Pushing: Push the enemy to a certain location (Used mainly in clan wars, and wildy wars)

Hugging: Stick in a bunch or to a certain location

Tanking: Eat constantly – don’t die (Used when you are being piled)

Returning: Return to the fight – usually by log boat etc.

12.) Please state that you have read the clan rules:

I have read the clan rules.
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SOP Owner

Posts : 78
Join date : 2012-04-16

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PostSubject: Re: Rascalzz App   Rascalzz App EmptyWed May 02, 2012 2:30 am

Get pictures within' a week, if you need help ask any rank! Welcome!

Congrats you have been accepted as a MIT! You need to be sure that you are online for the trips Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday 4:30 eastern, 9:30 gmt! Please be sure you attend a training session so that you can learn tactics and better things to bring on the trip!
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Rascalzz App
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